Seven-member group beat couple by hitting car with bike – Couple Attacked | Kayamkulam | Alappuzha

Alappuzha: Police have filed a case in which a seven-member gang beat a couple in Kayamkulam during an argument over not giving a location to the car. Shortly before the attack, footage of the gang driving drunk was also released. Kayamkulam police reported that they had identified the accused and would soon arrest them.

The couple were assaulted last night in Kotukulangara, Kayamkulam. In the complaint, Ratheesh and his wife Reshma, originally from Eruva, were attacked while returning home on two wheels. The couple were returning with friends after celebrating Reshma’s birthday. Meanwhile, the couple’s bike was hit by a car carrying a group of seven people. When asked, the people in the car beat Ratheesh and Reshma. The couple said they were deliberately shot down saying they didn’t take sides.

Reshma’s brother Vishnu and Vishnu’s friend Appu were also injured in the violence. As the crowd gathered, the defendant jumped from the spot. Before the accident, the accused had shared on social media the video of them while they were traveling drunk in the car. The police collected the footage. Kayamkulam police have informed that the investigation into the case is ongoing.

Summary in English: Couple attached to Kayamkulam; Police intensify searches

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