Seven arrested for traveling with false permits at the Coquimbo fair

Seven people – two Chileans, three Haitians, a Venezuelan and a Bolivian – were detained during a joint inspection operation at the Coquimbo Food Fair.

The individuals were traveling with an adulterated temporary permit, which was detected during the access controls to the established sales sector.

“Thanks to the strict control, this malpractice could be detected by seven men who tried to enter the fair with an adulterated document. In this case, our police and Army personnel realized that the digital document was missing information, and that there was an abnormality in the barcode, and that is a reflection of the strengthening of the audits that we, the Carabineros, the Army, the Navy and the PDI are carrying out. This work points to a higher good, which is the safeguarding public health. We supervise to prevent, “said Lieutenant Colonel Francisco Aravena, of the Coquimbo Prefecture.

The Carabineros also emphatically reiterated the call for responsibility in the use of the permitted exits. “People have to understand that they are not only exposed, but also to their entire environment, and that here it is not only about fines – which in themselves can be high – but about life and death. It is crucial that there be responsibility and prudence in the use of permits, “added the official.

As of Sunday, Carabineros had arrested 1,335 people in the conurbation for violating article 318, related to putting public health at risk.


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