Seven Army Personnel in East Flores Are Positive Covid-19

Kupang, – As many as seven personnel from the Indonesian National Army (TNI) Army (TNI-AL) in East Flores Regency, Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara, were reportedly infected Covid-19.

The Deputy Regent of East Flores, Agustinus Payong Boli, confirmed the case of the TNI-AD personnel who had contracted Covid-19. He said the seven patients were under quarantine.

“It is true that there are seven TNI-AD personnel in East Flores who are known to be exposed Covid-19 and is being quarantined in a safe place, “he said when contacted from Kupang, Wednesday (16/9/2020),

He explained that the patients are currently undergoing quarantine at the BHK Emaus Weri Larantuka Family Retreat House with a large and comfortable space so that they can undergo good quarantine.

They are not quarantined in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLarantuka General Hospital, so that psychologically they do not interfere with public patients and the only hospital owned by the East Flores Regency government.

Vice Regent Agustinus also asked the public not to worry too much because they have contracted Covid-19 outside East Flores.

“They also just returned to East Flores so the potential for spreading is still small,” he said.

However, Agustinus appealed to residents to keep increasing their vigilance because the transmission of the Covid-19 disease is like a theory of the iceberg phenomenon.

“This means that one patient can represent 10 even 100 people who have the potential to be infected and are in our society but are not yet known,” he said.

Therefore, the community must remain disciplined in implementing preventive protocols Covid-19 such as keeping your distance, wearing a mask and washing your hands after being in a crowd, he said.



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