Setting up WhatsApp: many people make one mistake

In order to set up WhatsApp correctly, it is imperative to pay attention to special settings. Only then is your messenger really safe from others.

The world‘s most popular messenger is now used by over 2 billion people. Nevertheless: WhatsApp has failed more than once at an important point, which is why you should urgently change the following settings to Setting up WhatsApp really safe. Many people forget that you can and should still customize the app.

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Set up WhatsApp: Make Messenger more secure

The key word is data protection. So don’t take the messenger as it comes. Because if you value that your private information is safe from strangers, WhatsApp data protection should play a major role for you. After all, there is regular news that even famous people like Jeff Bezos have been spied on via WhatsApp.

So in order to set up WhatsApp so that it is also secure, you urgently need to adjust the following settings.

Set up WhatsApp # 1: enable 2FA

2FA, or two-factor authentication, means that you have to identify yourself using two different features in order to access the messenger. This creates additional WhatsApp data protection.

  • WhatsApp> Settings> Account> Two Step Verification> Activate

Setting up WhatsApp # 2: hide private information

What is not publicly available, strangers cannot abuse either. Therefore, everything that is only intended for your contacts should be hidden from third parties as well as possible. For example, you can ensure that not everyone can see your status or profile picture.

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  • WhatsApp> Settings> Account> Privacy

Set up WhatsApp # 3: manage your groups

For increased WhatsApp data protection, the groups in which you are traveling should also believe in it. You can fight against being randomly added to a WhatsApp chat so that people you may not know can see your cell phone number.

Setting up WhatsApp # 4: update

Simple but effective: You are better protected if WhatsApp is always up to date. In the best case scenario, regular updates will also adapt Messenger-internal functions for WhatsApp data protection.

Set up WhatsApp # 5: Use Face ID, Touch ID or the fingerprint lock

Anyone with an iPhone can take WhatsApp data protection to extremes. Because Face ID or Touch ID are also suitable for protecting the messenger from unauthorized access.

  • WhatsApp> Settings> Account> Privacy> Screen lock> Choose Touch ID or Face ID

Android users can achieve something similar with the fingerprint lock that WhatsApp provides for data protection. You can find this in the settings as usual.

  • WhatsApp> Settings> Account> Privacy> Fingerprint lock (activate)

Conclusion: play it safe

If you want to set up WhatsApp correctly, use all security measures that are available to you. The messenger is extremely popular worldwide, but that does not mean that it is also the safest representative of its kind. Some WhatsApp alternatives, for example, have more to offer.

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