Serological tests teachers and Ata, general practitioners on the attack: “We are at risk of contagion, we are afraid”

From Monday 24 August, in almost all of Italy, serological tests will start for teachers and Ata (Lazio and Tuscany have already started yesterday). Some family doctors are concerned about practicing them in their doctors’ offices because, they argue, there are not enough safety measures to carry them out.

“Our – explains Pina Onotri, general secretary of the SMI, the Italian doctors union that represents about 8 thousand doctors including hospital, family and medical guards – it is a reasoned no: we would not like to repeat what happened in hospitals or in the RSA. Not all medical practices are structured in such a way that they can be sanitized and where there were positive, the doctor should be in quarantine and the practice would consequently remain paralyzed “.

“The sanitation of the family doctor’s office – says Ludovico Abbaticchio, president of the SMI – it must be borne by the health system and so must happen with the disposal of waste, which by carrying out the tests must take place daily. In short, there must be minimum guarantee and safety criteria. Why not do these tests in the appropriate structures, the ASL or in the schools themselves? We are available in this regard “.

For the SMI, there will be many family doctors who prefer not to carry out tests on school staff.

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