Serious problem detected in Lada engines – Motor


Due to this malfunction, oil from under the plug enters the hot parts of the engine compartment. As a result, an unpleasant odor appears in the passenger compartment.

Owners of cars Lada Granta, Largus, Vesta and XRay 2019-2020 years of release, equipped with VAZ-21126/21127/21129/21179 engines, face this problem. In this regard, the Togliatti Automobile Plant sent dealers an instruction according to which, if a plug is found to be defective, dropped out or leaking, information about the malfunction must be sent to the plant.

AvtoVAZ will use the data received from dealers to resolve the malfunction. At the moment, the car factory has begun to fix the defect on assembled cars, however, it is still unknown how the problem will be fixed on already produced cars.

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