Series. “State of Happiness”, a sentimental drama on a black gold background to see on

In 1969, in the small town of Stavanger, Norway, we closely follow the activity of the platform offshore Ocean Viking. After years of prospecting, the oil companies are throwing in the towel. Jonathan Kay, lawyer for Philips Petroleum, is dispatched from the United States to close the well. On the spot, some try to convince him to look for the good vein.

A very elegant scene

The Nordics have accustomed us to the darkness of thriller. Here, only oil is black. And the feelings. Because the series State of Happinessto see on, is a sentimental drama that zooms in on four young people from different backgrounds. With strong female characters who, in the 1960s, embodied the emancipation of women. Two brilliant actresses wear them: Anne Regine Ellingsaeter and Malene Wadel.

The costumes and sets perfectly recreate the atmosphere of the time, with a very elegant staging, reminiscent of the series. Mad Men.

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