Serie A: Bologna-Verona 1-0, Svanberg launches the rossoblùs into orbit | News

A goal from the midfielder allows Mihajlovic’s men to win the postponement of the third day

It serves the powerful right of Svanberg at 78 ‘to allow the Bologna by Mihajlovic to win the resistance of Verona in the postponement of the third day of Serie A. The rossoblùs win the challenge of Dall’Ara 1-0, after having touched the advantage several times thanks to the generosity of Arnautovic in support of his teammates and having hit a post with Soriano. Dangerous guests especially with a header from Simeone, but overall not very incisive.

Important victory for Bologna, which imposes itself on Verona at the Dall’Ara with a 1-0 signed by Svanberg and goes to seven points. The meeting begins with a few occasions, on both sides. The Bolognese rely above all on the banks of Arnautovic, very marked by the opposing defense, and by the unpredictability of Soriano, supported by the insertions of Svanberg. Hellas manages to create superiority on the flanks but struggles to serve Simeone, who has been little and badly sought in the penalty area by his teammates. The first real jolt of the game comes after about twenty minutes, when Svanberg fires his first bullet from the edge of the area on Soriano’s bank: just out. At the half-hour break of Dominguez, Soriano triangulates with Arnautovic, enters the area and places his diagonal, which is printed against the post. Shortly after the Austrian striker leans on Barrow, who shoots towards the far post but finds Montipò’s diving intervention. Verona becomes dangerous only at the end of the fraction, when Simeone heads up on a cross from Faraoni: ball just wide. The first half therefore ends without goals.

In the second half the first attempt comes from Caprari, who jumps Medel in the penalty area and kicks from a good position, seeing himself blocking the shot. Shortly after Simeone is thrown into space, but Skorupski is careful at the exit and blocks the ball before the Argentine can jump it. In the fifteen minutes Dominguez spikes an Orsolini corner with his head, Montipò rejects and Barrow sends a rather simple rebound to the stars. The game seems destined to remain on the rails of 0-0, but in the 78th minute Bologna finds the advantage: Arnautovic loses time for the shot, turns and unloads for Svanberg, who kicks power with the right to the corner and cold Montipò. The rossoblù take courage and immediately try to double with Skov Olsen’s header, not far out. In the end there is also time for another great chance, on a confusing corner action, but Arnautovic shoots very high from an excellent position after a short push. In full recovery Sansone flies ball and chain, but his powerful shot is raised for a corner by Montipò. It is the last gasp: Bologna continues an encouraging start to the season, with 7 points in three games, while Verona remains short of points.

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Svanberg 7
: High quality match of the midfielder, decisive with the winning goal but also with his precious interdiction work, accompanied by always dangerous insertions. Safety.
Arnautovic 6.5: The Austrian is not always flashy, but his plays with his back to goal are pure gold for the team. Too bad you missed an easy goal in the end that would have closed the game.
Orsolini 5: Perhaps the missing link in Bologna’s attack, he never manages to light up with one of his quality plays.
Gunter 6,5: Capital marking performance on Arnautovic, forced to play on the bank because he never has the space to do something more dangerous.
Pharaohs 6.5: Verona creates superiority on the flanks and in particular on their side, where the best ideas of the Hellas match are born.
Simeone 5,5: Okay, the guests’ best chance is on his header, but he gets little from his teammates and can’t find the right flicker. The confrontation with the first striker in the other half is merciless.


Bologna (4-2-3-1): Skorupski 6; Hickey 6, Bonifazi 6.5, Medel 6, De Silvestri 6; Svanberg 7, Dominguez 6.5; Barrow 5.5 (23 ‘st Sansone 6), Soriano 6.5, Orsolini 5 (23’ st Skov Olsen 6); Arnautovic 6.5 (47 ‘st Santander sv). Available: Bardi, Amey, Binks, Dijks, Mbaye, Soumaoro, Theate, Vignato, Van Hooijdonk. All.: Mihajlovic 6,5.
Verona (3-4-2-1): Montipò 6.5; Dawidowicz 5.5 (from 1 ‘st Magnani 5.5), Gunter 6.5, Casale 6.5 (30’ st Ceccherini 5.5); Lazovic 6, Ilic 6 (39 ‘st Lasagna sv), Tameze 6 (16’ st Hongla 5), ​​Pharaohs 6.5; Caprari 5 (30 ‘st Cancellieri 5.5), Barak 6; Simeone 5.5. Available: Berardi, Pandur, Cetin, Bessa, Kalinic, Ragusa. All.: Di Francesco 5.5.
Referee: Pezzuto
Markers: 78’ Svanberg
Ammonites: Barak (V), Ceccherini (V), Faraoni (V), Dominguez (B).
Note: –

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• Bologna have remained unbeaten in their first three games of the season for the second time in the last three Serie A championships. They had never done so in the previous 12.
• Verona have lost all of their first three Serie A games of the season for the first time since 1996/97.
• Verona have lost their last three straight Serie A games after being unbeaten in four of their previous five (4N, 1P).
• Seventh Serie A goal for Mattias Svanberg. All of his seven goals in the top flight have come at home.
• Mattias Svanberg is the second-youngest midfielder with at least 7 goals and 7 assists in Serie A as of 2018/19, behind only Dejan Kulusevski.
• First assist in Serie A for Marko Arnautovic, in his sixth game of the tournament. Both of his participations in a goal in the tournament have come at home.
• Bologna have not been shot on goal for the first time in a league match since last January against Fiorentina.
• Only Raul Moro and Matteo Ruggeri are younger than Aaron Hickey among the players who took the field in each of the first three days of this Serie A.
• 50th start in Serie A with the Bologna shirt for the rossoblù striker Musa Barrow.



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