Sergio Massa Tours China in Search of Large Investments for Argentina’s Lithium Mining Industry

The Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, began yesterday to tour China in search of large investments and this Wednesday he continues with his visit. During the first hours he held a meeting at Tibet Summit Resources, a mining company with lithium exploitation projects in northern Argentina. Last year, the company announced investments of more than US$ 1.7 billion in the province of Salta.

With the company of other officials such as the Deputy Chief of Staff, Juan Manuel Olmos, the Minister of Transportation, Diego Giuliano, and the head of the Central Bank, Miguel Pesce, Massa was invited to visit the company’s headquarters in the Jing’ district. still During that meeting, the details of two lithium production projects that the Chinese company announced last year were discussed: the Salar Arizaro project and the Salar de Diablillos project.

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Later, the minister will meet with directors of Ganfeng Lithium, another mining company dedicated to the extraction of lithium in Salta, and with Tsingshan Holding Group, a company specialized in nickel mining.

Another planned activity is the inauguration of a logistics center for Argentine products in Shanghai, with the aim of expanding new markets with the support of the Argentine embassy.

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Finally, Massa will meet with representatives of the Chamber of Trade Argentina in China and will hold talks with twenty Argentine businessmen who sell their products in the Asian country. These meetings seek to strengthen trade relations and take advantage of the constant growth of exports to China.

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