Serena Grandi condemned – Defends herself, “Distracted by my 5 cm tumor”

Serena Grandi a Live – It is not the d’Urso to have his say on the bankruptcy conviction. In fact, his restaurant has been examined by investigators following the complaint of some employees. According to witnesses, they would not have been paid for long. And so La Locanda di Miranda went bankrupt.

“My witnesses weren’t there because they weren’t warned, I wasn’t there because I wasn’t warned,” says the actress. Serena Grandi complains about the loss of 700 thousand euros and the impossibility of being able to defend herself during the first hearing.

Serena Grandi talks about the sentence – “I was in the hospital, I lost control a little”

“I apologize to the judges, but I was also in the hospital for two years and had four operations. My 5 cm tumor distracted me a bit, ”says Serena Grandi during a long rash. In his career he has done a lot, he has given the public important moments. And then she found herself pilloried for an employee, “An ex-con I put to work to give him a second chance. Then I’m done. Because after The Great Beauty I couldn’t take it anymore. This convict went to the union after a month, I don’t know. The others have all been paid ”.

However, Serena was sentenced to two years and two months. “When I decided to sell the restaurant, a certain type of people approached me and I gave the books to this person”, he added, “he gave it to the bartender of this not so serious little woman’s place. When I asked him to give them back to me … he threw them from a skyscraper ”. The artist made the immediate complaint, but the judges accuse her of having made them disappear.

The words of his son Edoardo

“The restaurant represented what was a new beginning and the promises to recover a mother and son relationship, to overcome conflicts,” says Grandi’s son. The actress and heir managed the venue for only two years and were in great pain. “Maybe it was bigger than us,” he says again. Thanks to the opening of the restaurant, Serena thought she had finally fulfilled a dream she had been cultivating for some time. When things started going wrong, Edward Hercules he even thought of ending it up in the kitchen of the Miranda Inn.

Did the actress sin of naivety?

According to Roberto Alessi, the blame is also on Grandi. The actress went out of her way and entrusted the books to an outside person, thus getting into trouble. Without considering that during the investigation period, the actress would have removed the mandate from her lawyer. The journalist then reminds her that the biggest accusation would be the theft of assets: according to the judges, some dishes would have disappeared.

The actress, however, continues to point the finger at that waiter who denounced her for not having been paid. According to him, for just one week. “I never thought he would go to the unions to report that I had never paid my employees,” he adds. Serena Grandi is defended by her former employees: many have denied the accusation.

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