September 11, 20 years later: ceremony in New York. Springsteen sings and moves

New York, 11 September 2021 – Ceremony to commemorate theSept. 11 a New York, twenty years afterattack on America.. The memory opened with a minute of silence at 8.46, when the first plane launched itself against the North Tower. Mike Low, the father of one of the people who lost their lives in the attack, was the first to speak during the ceremony. His speech was followed by reading the names of the victims. President Joe Biden with the First Lady: Jill is next to Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York. Next to Joe Biden instead Michelle Obama with next to him Barack Obama.

‘I’ll see you in my dreams’: Bruce Springsteen, surprisingly, he sings accompanied by the guitar and the participants in the ceremony cry. The Boss takes the stage in a dark suit and with the guitar after the second minute of silence, held to commemorate the crash of the second plane in the South Tower. One of the most exciting moments of the day of remembrance.


Family members remember the passengers of the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania: together with the crew members they had fought the hijackers before they could strike. Unites Flight 93 was bound for Washington. “The days after 9/11 remind us that unity is possible in America. Unity is essential: it is essential for our prosperity, for our national security,” said the vice president. Kamala Harris gives Shanksville, site of the crash, echoing Biden’s call for unity. “What happened to flight 93 – he continued – tells us a lot about the courage of the people who were on board, who gave themselves. The determination of the rescue teams, who risked everything, the resilience of the American people”. Along with Harris, the former president George W. Bush and his wife Laura. Subsequently Biden and the First Lady, arrived on the spot, have laid a wreath of flowers.


L’Sept. 11 it is a “sad day” but “we are experiencing a sad moment given how the war against those who caused so much pain in our country has ended”, he says Donald Trump in a video message of one minute and 44 seconds on the occasion of the commemorations for the attack on America. “The loss of 13 warriors should never have happened,” added Trump, referring to the marines who fell in Afghanistan in the last few days before the US withdrawal. Criticizing the “foolish” Joe Biden, Trump speaks of “bad planning and leaders who did not understand what was happening” to explain the mistakes in Afghanistan. “The twentieth year of the war should have been a year of victory, but Joe Biden and his inept administration surrendered.”


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