Separated at birth, but with the same life

James Lewis and Jim Springer, twin brothers born in 1940, were separated at birth. In 1979, not only did they meet again, but they discovered that they had been doing the same thing for more than three decades. For starters, both of their adoptive parents gave them the same name: James or Jim for short. The coincidences extended to their interests, the names of their wives, children and dogs, although Lewis was raised in Lima, Ohio, and Springer in Piqua, Ohio.

James Lewis was adopted in 1940, when he was only three weeks old. He had a dog he named Toy, and enjoyed his math and carpentry classes at school. When he grew up, he married a woman named Linda. He later divorced and remarried, but this time to a woman named Betty. From the fruit of their union was born his son James Alan Lewis.

At the age of 39 he discovered that he had a twin brother. His impulse was to look for it and, once he found it, he found that Jim Springer’s story was practically the same as his own.

A dog named Toy, a taste for math and woodworking at school, a wife named Linda and later one named Betty, and a son registered as James Allan Springer. The only difference is that while Lewis was serving as a security guard; Springer was a deputy sheriff.

When they met, they discovered that they both suffered from tension headaches, bit their nails, smoked the same brand of cigarettes, and vacationed on the same beach in Florida, United States.

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