Sensen’s Efforts Bear Sweet Fruits, Brain Figure Behind Raffi Ahmad’s Cheating Issue Leaks, Tracked With IT Assistance: I’m Looking!

Sosok.ID – The mastermind behind cheating issue Raffi Ahmad and Mimi Bayuh | finally uncovered.

Raffi Ahmad’s assistant, Sensen know exactly the figure of the brain that is spreading cheating issue Nagita Slavina’s husband with Mimi Bayuh |.

As is known, Nagita Slavina’s husband, Raffi Ahmad involved again cheating issue.

This time Raffi Ahmad rumored to be cheating on his own employees, Mimi Bayuh |.

Allegedly, this cheating issue spread after photos of Raffi Ahmad and Mimi Bayuh spread on social media.

From there, the issue of Raffi Ahmad and Mimi Bayuh’s cheating spread everywhere.

Until finally, Raffi Ahmad’s assistant, Sensen, spoke up.

Sensen even knew the mastermind behind the affair with Raffi Ahmad and Mimi Bayuh.

Launching the Banjarmasin Post, this was revealed by Sensen on Melaney Ricardo’s YouTube, Monday (30/5/2022).

As an employee of Raffi Ahmad, Sensen admitted that he could not understand the issue of Raffi Ahmad’s cheating circulating out there.

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