Sensational! Minister said who rules Bulgaria

Our Minister sensationally announced who rules Bulgaria.

“Bulgaria is ruled by the government, but it is still ruled by ladybug officials, people who have no good intentions towards Bulgaria, but only have an interest in undermining all government actions.” This was stated by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Ecology Borislav Sandov in the program “Why, Mr. Minister?” On BTV.

“This is happening in my ministry and in other ministries. It is happening in the judiciary, “he added.

According to him, the release of all these people will be defined as a “political broom” and therefore it is good to replace them gradually through competitions with professional people.

Regarding the relations in the coalition, Sandov commented that “Democratic Bulgaria” behaves responsibly and in the end suffers the most negatives.

The Minister of Ecology also commented on the topic of dirty air in Bulgaria and the fines we will have to pay to the EU for it.

“Once we were convicted of fine dust particles in almost the whole country. Now we have been convicted of sulfur dioxide in the Southeast region – from Dimitrovgrad to Bourgas. It costs lives, “the minister said.

Our country will almost certainly pay a fine of BGN 10 million for not dealing with the problem from 2017 so far. There is a danger that after that we will pay BGN 20 million every year.

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