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Last episode of the season of Sunday In, the program of Mara Venier broadcast on Rai 1. The latest episode which, as always, opens with a segment dedicated to the coronavirus emergency, with a series of exceptional guests: in this case, the general is also in the studio Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, the emergency commissioner he replaced Domenico Arcuri and filed away its disasters. To Figliuolo we owe the turning point in the vaccination campaign and the stop to some follies of his predecessor, Primroses in the first place.

Among the other guests of the episode, for the Covid segment, here is the director of Free, Alessandro Sallusti, therefore Matteo Bassetti e Pierpaolo Sileri, the Undersecretary of Health M5s and “antagonist” of Roberto Speranza. The grillino, incidentally, is a regular guest of the legendary aunt Mara, who, mistakenly insists on calling him “minister”, when he was never a minister (if anything, deputy minister of Health at the time of Count-II).

But, it was said: in the studio there is Figliuolo. And to the general, Venier immediately dedicates words full of affection and gratitude: “General Figliuolo, she did a great job“, the presenter said introducing him. So here is Matteo Bassetti who adds to the dose of compliments:”A big round of applause to General Figliuolo“, calls the audience’s intervention. And applause. In short, Figliuolo enters the studio and it is immediately a triumph. And who knows what Arcuri will think, seeing these images …



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