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“Recommended”: Lucio Caracciolo use this word to describe its role within de The Republic at the time of foundation. “I am a friend of Enrica, the daughter of Eugenio Scalfari, who referred me to her father”, he confessed to Luca Telese in an interview for Tpi. Speaking, then, of the moment in which he became a journalist in all respects, the director of Limes he explained: “I started in Renzo Imbeni’s Fgci, who seconded me to New generation, our weekly, with a regular salary. “Speaking of earnings, however, he revealed:” I didn’t get a little: 300 thousand lire, plus the unforgettable Christmas food voucher to spend at the La Proletaria cooperative. It is technically correct to say about me: ‘paid by Moscow’ “.

Speaking of the history of Italy, however, Caracciolo said: “Until the entry into the war in 1940, it was a power. Then, from being defeated, we became a state with limited sovereignty. And this also explains the Italy of the massacres” . Unmissable mention, then, also of the conflict in Ukraine: “I have only one certainty: we still know too little about this war today. Putin has made big mistakes: he did not understand the balance of power in the field: which, for a former spy, is a very serious mistake “.

From a NATO point of view, however, this war can only end with Putin’s defeat. “But there is a huge risk – added the director of Limes – In Russia, when a regime collapses, the state also collapses. “Caracciolo, however, also has criticisms of the US president Joe Biden: “We need a leader with a bigger breath than the mid-term vote”. Finally in his magazine: “I don’t think it’s a left-wing magazine. I am “left”, personally, but our newspaper does not have a political point of view. Geopolitics is not political, and it must never be. You have to understand the reasons and motivations of all the contenders “.



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