Senior Artist Discloses the Behavior of Arya Saloka & Amanda Manopo at the Filming Location

Jakarta, Insertlive

Senior artist Dharty Manullang disassemble Arya Saloka and Amanda Manopo’s original behavior on a shooting location that is rarely known to the public.

It was uploaded on the Instagram Stories page of Arya Saloka’s fan account.

In the upload, Dharty shows view unexpected when greeting Arya Saloka.

When he entered the room for actors and actresses, Dharty immediately shared his moment when Arya called him affectionately because he was brought food.


“Thank you dear,” said Arya Saloka to Dharty Manullang.

Hear called Dear, Dharty Manullang was surprised and automatically overjoyed.

“Called dear, wow,” said Dharty Manullang.

Don’t forget Dharty Manullang also gave Arya Saloka a kiss.

Unlike the case with Amanda Manopo, who immediately smiled when she saw the actress greeting her.

“Finally met my favorite,” said Dharty Manullang revealing his meeting with Amanda Manopo.

Amanda Manopo immediately took out a wad of money full of Rp100 thousand denominations which made Dharty Manullang not believe it.

“I was given money,” said Dharty Manullang in front of Amanda while capturing the moment.

“How much, O Allah,” said Dharty while being happy to see Amanda Manopo counting the money.

After being given money by Amanda Manopo.

“This is from my son,” concluded Dharty, fanning the money given by Amanda Manopo.


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