Senegalese arrested with weapons and drugs

Morocco: Senegalese arrested with weapons and drugs

Fourteen (14) individuals involved in a criminal network of international drug trafficking were arrested in Morocco by the defense and security forces of the Cherifian kingdom.

Among them, a Senegalese and a Mauritanian arrested in possession of 6 tonnes of cannabis, reports Rewmi Daily who gives the information.

Several weapons were found during the search. These were a Kalashnikov, 66 bullets, a shotgun and 114 cartridges, in addition to 216 drug wafers with a total weight of approximately 5.8 tonnes, edged weapons of various calibers and a tear gas canister.

The arsenal also includes a pair of binoculars, two satellite phones, a geolocation device, a fake license plate, three 4 × 4 vehicles and money in national and international currencies suspected of coming from international drug trafficking.

Author: Seneweb News –


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