Senator Ošťádal: I want to solve the problems of people from the countryside, I will speak Czech in the Senate

You won the second round of the Senate elections. What would you like to say to people?
That I thank them terribly for their votes and support. And that I will do everything I can to not disappoint them. When the six-year mission is over, they don’t regret sending him there.

What would you like to do in the Senate for the next six years?
I would start by becoming a good senator. And then I would like to focus on the things that our mayors are dealing with and that people in the villages are dealing with. I am based on my work and experience in the village. This means that the legislation goes a little against us, so that we do not fight with the authorities, but rather help us. The big topic is the environment, waste. In Nákla, we are very good at waste and we have always dealt with this issue intensively. We do not care how the legislation in this area develops. I also want to address a number of other topics. I look forward to it.

Will you speak in the Senate?
In the Senate, I will speak Czech so that my colleagues can understand me and there will be no language barrier. But I have no problem speaking there, at least to alleviate the situation.

You are dedicated to music, you are also a representative of Pepin from Haná. Will people continue to see and hear you in these roles?
They will definitely meet me at concerts. That is my hobby, which I will not give up at any cost. And as for Pepin, I haven’t been doing it lately. When I started mayor, I didn’t have time. But maybe in the future the situation will improve. When I’m not the mayor and I’m just a senator, maybe I’ll take a moment to say Hanáky in Haná.

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