Senate Trust Elimination Staggers; PT does not support


The Labor Party and the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM) staggered the Senate legislative process to eliminate 109 trusts, as the PT bench said no to their elimination and seeks to join the Opposition Bloc to change the correlation of forces in the full and avoid removal; meanwhile, the green ecologists have not yet defined, but they registered internal voices against it.

Morena necessarily needs the PT and the Green Party to have an absolute majority that will allow it to eliminate the trusts, but the coordinator of the PT senators, Geovanna Bañuelos informed Excelsior that on this occasion they will not go with Morena, because they want to avoid the disappearance of at least 38 trusts, including all those related to Conacyt public centers, the film industry, Fonden and high-performance athletes.

We do not share the fact that all trusts are being worked in a non-transparent manner, that there is corruption in all; we do not share that. We believe that the PT can help the Fourth Transformation by opening our eyes to the distinction that exists between some and other trusts, ”he said.

He added that it is an agreement of the national leadership of the PT and “we are going to support ourselves.”



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