Sen. Nong Khai Pheu Thai emphasizes having to help SMEs and to hire more jobs

Pheu Thai Party advises the government to speed up the adjustment of 9 billion baht to cancel the purchase of private bonds, encouraging the magnate to help SMEs before they go broke

Krisada Tan Therdtit, MP Nong Khai Former Deputy Secretary-General of the Federation of Thai Industries Pheu Thai Economic Working Group said that according to Pheu Thai Economic Working Group hijacked General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister of Defense and the head of the economic team. Urgently helping SMEs businesses that are struggling Because the measures to help SMEs are not enough

“The amount of 5 hundred million baht of Bank of Thailand (BOT) that lends loans through commercial banks Can only lend Over a hundred million baht, despite the fact that there are still many SMEs in trouble, ”Krisada said.

Krisada said, but it is a good thing that the government has just figured out the regulation. To relax, lending is easier and more convenient. This will make it easier to help SMEs business, even if it’s late, but it’s still better than not. This is because relaxation of lending regulations is essential to help SMEs survive before they are all ruined. Which must see if it will help any business With having to consider that Which businesses will survive the coronavirus crisis?

I would like General Prayut to consult with the BOT to adjust the amount of 400 billion baht set by the BOT to buy private bonds. To lend to help SMEs business increase to a total of 9 hundred million baht, according to the advice of Pichai Naripthapan, Deputy Leader of the Pheu Thai Economic Party, proposed because the amount of 4 billion that intends to buy private bonds would not be used. Used to buy private bonds From the objections of the financial and fiscal personnel, including Dr. Weeraphong Ramavakun, former Deputy Prime Minister and former Minister of Finance, as it would help the magnate and would be incompatible with the principles of the BOT. Myself

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“Therefore, we would like to adjust the limit to help SMEs to be more beneficial. And if necessary, it may have to ask the BOT to increase the limit. The government may have to guarantee the bad debt that may occur with the SME lending in the future. But when the economy has recovered And there is a business selection that can be revived Bad debt may not be much, many SMEs want to sustain themselves through this crisis, ”Krisda said.

The Pheu Thai Economic Working Group also said that In this regard, the government must have a comprehensive concept and practice guideline. With wanting to have measures to help hiring To address the issue of unemployment that will be a big problem It is important to expedite the vaccination of people to complete their vaccinations so that businesses can return to normal. Taking care of the baht which is still very strong. There has not been much progress in bilateral and multilateral free trade talks. Especially with many major countries The development of bureaucratic platforms or bureaucratic digitalization is also a matter of urgency.

“Do not act like the” We Win “project that people greatly criticize. From not paying cash Pay 1,000 baht per week for 7 weeks and register via mobile phone that many people may not have yet. Which created a lot of problems Until the public thought that The size of the government makes it easy. Like giving away money is still cursing So difficult For example, economic recovery and finding income into the country would not need to be talked about, ”Krisada said.

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In the event that General Prayut wonders why Vietnam has no resources and is not as ready as Thailand. But why has Vietnam developed and advanced much more than Thailand over the past six years? Krisada said. Want General Prayut to go Study ways of thinking and Study the vision of the Vietnamese leader what he thinks. How to plan And how to act How different to myself Why does one make a country progressive? While another made the country backward. Both with greater potential It clearly shows that a smart and smart leader will make a big difference to a country. The Thai people know the appreciation from past experiences over many years.


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