Semarang City Corona Red Zone, This is the Latest PKM Rules


Semarang city, Central Java, sign in Corona virus red zone or COVID-19. The Semarang City Government has tightened restrictions on community activities (PKM) which will take effect from Tuesday (22/6) tomorrow.

Mayor of Semarang Hendrar Prihadi or who is familiarly called Hendi said, based on the recommendations of the Central Java COVID-19 Task Force, his party issued a Mayor’s Decree (SK) for tightening PKM.

“Based on the results of the recommendations from the Chair of the Central Java COVID-19 Task Force submitted by the Governor, Mas Pranowo reward, and also based on a meeting at the Semarang City Government chaired by the Regional Secretary, starting tomorrow (22/6) the PKM adjustment will be implemented,” said Hendi in his office, Monday (21/6/2021).

“Among others are related to the opening hours or operating hours of restaurants and stalls. Closing hours will be limited from the initial 22.00 WIB to 20.00 WIB,” he continued.

Then for entertainment venues such as karaoke, cinemas, tourist attractions will be temporarily closed. This is to anticipate a gathering place for people. Road access to Simpang Lima and Kota Lama Square will also be closed.

Entertainment venues such as karaoke, spa, Semarang zoo, cinema and others, starting tomorrow we ask to close. Restaurants and stalls may have a capacity of 50 percent. take away. Bring it home. We do not close at all but are limited,” he said.

In addition, workplaces are also asked to apply shift or work from home (WFH). This is to anticipate the crowd at work.

“We also convey to all private companies that are still active in the city of Semarang so that they can manage working hours properly. If in our place there is a term work from home, if in other industries or private companies it can be limited, for example the first one shift can make two shift, or work from home would be better,” he explained.

For weddings and funerals, Hendi continued, 50 people are still allowed, while other socio-cultural activities, such as seminars, FGDs or workshops, are temporarily postponed. Then worship activities are allowed to be opened with a maximum limit of 50 percent.

“If the 50 percent number is below 100 people, then they must report to the Head of the Subdistrict Task Force, in this case the Camat. Meanwhile, if the number exceeds 100 people, they must report to the Head of the Semarang City COVID-19 Task Force, namely the Mayor of Semarang,” explained Hendi .

Hendi also asked the RT level to strengthen the Kampung Siaga Candi Hebat at the RT level. He explained that it was hoped that these decisions would be understood by residents because of the soaring Corona cases.

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