Selling Mangoes: Meet the Cute and Entertaining Boy from Jakarta


Still small already selling mangoes cut around. This boy managed to entertain buyers with his skills in selling to prospective buyers.

If small children under the age of ten years usually prefer to spend time playing with friends, to play online games. In contrast to this cute boy who sells sliced ​​mangoes every day.

Reporting from TikTok @mrgterkejut (30/05), this TikTok user from Malaysia named Shaf showed a video when his friend bought mango merchandise belonging to a boy. Initially the boy offered them cut mangoes, priced at RM 5 per pack (Rp 16,200).

When his friend refuses to buy mangoes. This boy immediately satirized his friend with his cute look.

“If you don’t want to buy mangoes. Don’t look at me,” he said. This made Shaf’s friend immediately laugh and finally bought the mangoes the boy offered.

Selling Mangoes, This Boy Amuses Buyers with His Selling Style Photo: Site news

His friend paid using a RM 10 note (Rp 32,400). But the boy said that he had no change, finally his friend Shaf said that he could take the change for the boy to buy food.

But apparently this kid refused to get money for free. He had forced his friend Shaf to buy two packs of mangoes, but he was still refused. Because he didn’t want to take more money, the boy took out another pack of mangoes. But Shaf’s friend refused, because his intention was to give the boy more money.

After briefly refusing, the boy finally thanked him.

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“How old are you?” asked Shaf’s friend. But the boy replied that he didn’t need to know how old he was, because Shaf’s friend only bought one pack of mangoes even though he still paid RM10.

Selling Mangoes, This Boy Amuses Buyers with His Selling Style Photo: Site news

Many netizens were amused by the boy’s chatter and style when selling mangoes.

“This boy is good, he doesn’t expect alms and pity from people just because he is a child. That’s why he deliberately left another pack of mangoes. Good luck in the future,” commented netizens.

“This is the best way to sell, you know. Straight away and without further ado, maybe the boy is tired of selling all day. So when someone just looks at his wares without buying, he’s immediately annoyed,” continued the netizen.

“Even though the buyer had the intention of giving alms by giving RM 10 money for free. But this kid is still making a fuss why the buyer doesn’t want to just take two packs, really funny,” concluded another netizen.

Previously there was also the story of a boy who was persistent in helping his father selling drinks every day until one in the evening, even though he still had to go to school the next day.

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