Selling fried food to LPG, this airline crew tells of their experiences affected by Covid-19 page all – The corona virus pandemic has not only crippled human health, but also attacks the joints of the economy.

Of the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic, the airline business is one of the worst hit sectors.

Gazetted previously, the number of flights had dropped dramatically so Covid-19 spread.

The decline in the number of flights has never even occurred and has never even been predicted by people before in history.

Finally, airline through various means ranging from cutting the number of employees to swerving into other businesses.

Termination of employment victims of employees ( PHK) of the airlines also have to rack their brains to survive.

Here we summarize some stories about former airline employees and even the airline itself when facing the Covid-19 pandemic.

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airline origin Thailand, Thai Airways, announced that its company was bankrupt at a total loss.

The airline was even declared bankrupt with a total debt of 332.2 billion baht (IDR 157 trillion).

However, management turned the brains to keep the company going. Finally, Thai Airways decided to sell fried processed by yourself.

The fry is named patong-go, a kind of fried bread or cakwe.

Unexpectedly, the patong-go made by Thai Airways was apparently selling well. In fact, the monthly sales of patong-go can generate a turnover of around 10 million baht (Rp 4.7 billion).

Thai Airways President Chansing Treenuchagron said Thai Airways’ patong-go has become so popular that people are waiting in long lines to buy it every morning.

Thai Airways has even opened five food outlets in Bangkok, and in the future they plan to make franchises.

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The five outlets are located at the Puff & Pie bakery in the Or Tor Kor market, at its headquarters in the Chatuchak district, the Rak Khun Tao Fa building, the Thai Catering building in the Don Muang district and the Thai Airways branch office in Silom.

The snacks are also sold at two outlets in Chiang Mai province. Thai Airways regularly sells patong-go in the morning, but some outlets are not open every day.

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2. Qantas Selling Flight Tickets from Sydney then landed in Sydney

Airline of origin Australia, Qantas, offers flight packages named “Great Southern Land”.

The package is priced at the cheapest for 787 Australian dollars, or around Rp. 8 million for economy class.

Interestingly, the flights in the package will start from Sydney and end in Sydney as well.

According to Qantas, in just 10 minutes of being offered, 130 people had already purchased tickets for the flight.

“We knew this flight would be popular but we did not expect it to be fully booked in 10 minutes,” said a Qantas spokesman.

On the 7-hour flight, passengers will be taken to see iconic tourist attractions in Australia, such as the Great Barrier Reef or Uluru, which are still closed due to state border restrictions still in place.

The flight is scheduled to air on October 10.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said the “Great Southern Land” flight is one of the efforts for his company to survive so far.

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Facebook via Business News Philipphine Photo collage of Marielle Enrique alias Em Enrique, a flight attendant from the Philippines who sells avocados because she was fired from the company where she worked.

3. So a victim of layoffs, Ex Flight attendant Sales Avocado for the sake of Connect Life

An ex flight attendant named Marielle Enrique alias Em Enrique is one of the thousands of victims of layoffs from airlines in Filipina.

Em Enrique confessed that he had worked as a flight attendant for five years. In the end, however, he was fired.

In fact, Em Enrique had savings while still working as a flight attendant. However, his savings began to drain to pay for the operation of his sick mother.

Until finally the savings money ran out to pay for the care of the mother, Em Emrique began to worry and worry about making a living.

However, he did not fall for too long in a pit of despair. Em Enrique starts racking his brains so he can make a living.

He finally decided to sell fruits and vegetables on a regular basis online.

“I took this opportunity to rest (from the world of aviation). I have to do something to take care of my mental health. I have to keep myself busy, “said Em Enrique.

For now, considering the request avocado high, Em Enrique decides to focus on selling the fruit.

Two days after selling fruit online, Em Enrique has managed to sell around 80 kilograms to 100 kilograms of avocado a day.

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Even though his income is far below his salary when he was still a flight attendant, Em Emrique admits that the important thing is that he can still meet his family’s daily needs.

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Maurice Maureen Avila, a paramugari from the Philippines who sells LPG gas because she was fired by the company where she used to work.Facebook via Manila Bulletin Maurice Maureen Avila, a paramugari from the Philippines who sells LPG gas because she was fired by the company where she used to work.

4. Stewardess for Selling Layoff Victims LPG to Continue Living

A former flight attendant from the Philippines, Maurice Maureen Avila, swerved to become a seller LPG for being fired.

Avila poured her heart out in a post on social media (medsos) that she was one of the employees who had been laid off by the airline she worked for.

At first, he felt very sad because he had worked for three years, but was just fired.

“Every night I ask God, why do You take my dream? I work hard for this, ”said Avila.

However, in the end he tried to get up and learn to accept it, then had to rack his brain in order to survive.

Until one day, he and his girlfriend decided to sell LPG.

After doing her new job as an LPG seller, Avila found her spirit of life again.

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