Selection #395 on Instagram: Genuine snapshots from diverse lifestyles

Whether they are fashion, street or advertising photographers, the artists in the Instagram #395 selection are touching by the sincerity and emotion that emanate from their images. Promising accounts to follow with attention.


A fashion and lifestyle photographer who grew up in the Netherlands and now lives in Barcelona, ​​Colette der Kinderen brings eternal sunshine to reality – on the beach and in the snow. The colors of nature and their harmony form a setting in the heart of which his characters blend completely into their element.

© Colette der Kinder / Instagram


The faces and bodies photographed by Alexandra Cepeda capture all eyes by the force of their presence, indifferent to the camera. Specialized in fashion and advertising, this Barcelonan feeds her visual universe with these influences.

© Alexandra Cepeda / Instagram


With his film camera as a traveling companion, Charles Hemon constantly sets out to discover new horizons. When he is not out and about, the photographer is content to capture the bustling city of Paris, where he lives.

© Charles Hemon / Instagram


« simply passionate “, announces the mysterious photographer on his Instagram account. Between images of demonstrations in black and white and details observed in the street, he never ceases to experiment with his favorite medium. Most often silver, his photos immerse us in a vintage and authentic universe.

© @taff_photo / Instagram


Amber Maalouf, trained in the fine arts, does not forbid herself any writing, from photojournalism to advertising. On his Instagram account, his absurd-looking photographs aesthetically reveal a light and eccentric vision of reality, and models with the look of malleable clowns.

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© Amber Maalouf/Instagram

Image d’overture : © Colette der Kinder / Instagram

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