Selected by casting, this singer from Saint-Quentin-la-Motte recorded her first single in Paris

Océane Gillet trained as an autodidact, in her house in Saint-Quentin-la-Motte (Somme). (© L’Eclaireur /

Thursday 29 October 2020, Océane Gillet, a little stressed, is on his way to the Paris region and the producer’s studios Steve Zeitoun. Like ten other amateur singers, she was selected to participate in a casting. As a result, the recording of a single at a reduced price.

For the Croisienne of 18 years, this displacement is a challenge. Shy by nature, she has been recording songs on her own for two years, and broadcasts them on her YouTube channel.

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“I’ve been singing since I was little, it has always been my big passion. I find tutorials on the Internet to learn how to put my voice and my breathing. Then I record myself on my phone and listen to the audio tapes again to correct ”.

OceaneAmateur singer

“Cradled in good music”

So when a loved one notices the announcement of this casting on Facebook, she sends one of her covers : “Mad Hatter”, the singer Melanie Martinez. A title however far removed from his musical tastes.

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“I was lulled to good music,” boasts “O’Shen,” her stage name. At home, Dad listens to Queen, Mum Michael Jackson, shaping their daughter’s preferences.

“I’m more rock and metal: AC / DC, Slayer … But strangely, I don’t see myself singing that yet”.

Océane’s father, David, passed on his passion for Queen, rock and “good music” to her. (© L’Eclaireur /

Chosen from 300 candidates

The choice of a pop melody is quite successful for Océane. She is selected from among 300 candidates to participate in the casting. There, Steve Zeitoun puts it to the test.

“You had to do lots of little vocal exercises, quickly find a sung melody, lyrics … I had never met a music professional, so falling directly on a producer was something”.


But in terms of stress, Océane has seen others, having suffered exclusion and bullying in college. She overcomes her anxieties, gives her beautiful deep voice, and is chosen to record a single.

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“Message of hope” in the face of harassment

After choosing from 150 instrumentals, the budding singer must move on to writing the lyrics. The text of “Nostalgique”, his first professional title, tells about the happiness of childhood, the sufferings of adolescence, and the passage to adulthood.

“I experienced bullying and depression in college. Unfortunately I did not mention it, or too late. I wanted to send a message of hope: even if we are at the bottom of the hole, there is always a way out ”.


The future of the single is now in the hands of the record companies contacted by Steve Zeitoun. As for “O’Shen”, she continues to train solo, supported by her parents.

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Between synth and English lessons

“It’s a difficult time to get started but already a great experience,” explains David Gillet, his father. We paid her a professional microphone and a synth to equip her properly and support her in her project ”.

Next step for Océane, learn to master her synth keyboard and move on to composition.
Next step for Océane, learn to master her synth keyboard and move on to composition. (© L’Eclaireur /

When she is not singing the song on her new piano, Océane takes language lessons at the University of Amiens, her priority. Whether or not her Parisian adventure leads to an album, she is proud to have overcome her fears and given the best of herself.

“Today I have grown up, I wanted to prove that I could succeed to those who did not believe in me”.

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