Seized a pharmacy that trades in mental health and narcotic drugs in Luxor

The pharmacists inspected at the Directorate of Health Affairs in Luxor Governorate, intensive campaigns on general pharmacies and medical supplies stores, according to the directions of Dr. El Sayed Ahmed Abdel Gawad, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Luxor, and Dr. Neama Abdel Latif, Director General of the Department of Pharmacy in Luxor, as part of the precautionary and preventive measures taken by Luxor Governorate, led by Counselor Mustafa, inspired the Governor of Luxor to combat the Corona virus “Covid-19”.

These campaigns, which were led by Dr. Nima Abdel Latif, Director General of the Department of Pharmacy in Luxor, which confirmed immediate dealing with citizens’ complaints, resulted in the seizure of a pharmacy in Luxor that trades drugs affecting the psychological state by selling them without a prescription, and at more than the forced price, where The members of the pharmacy inspection were able to make an attempt to purchase and show that they were selling at a price more than the blogger on the package. Also, smuggled drugs and medicines belonging to the Ministry of Health and Population and items of unknown origin were seized. A police report was prepared with the number 3451 department administrators to present to the Public Prosecution to take the necessary action.

It is scheduled that the campaigns of the Pharmaceutical Inspection Department in the governorate will continue to launch surprise inspection campaigns to prevent any price manipulation or illegal practices in the drug market, and the pharmacy inspection campaign has come out according to the directives of the Administrative Control Authority, in coordination with the Supply Investigation in Luxor, and it has passed a number of companies And general stores and pharmacies, and 3 pharmacies were closed due to the lack of the responsible pharmacist, and narcotic drugs included in the first table (Tramadol) were found, and police department records No. 3443 were made to present to the Public Prosecution to take the necessary action.

The inspection men also led campaigns during the past week with the knowledge of each of the members of the pharmaceutical inspection in Luxor, accompanied by the Supply Investigations in Luxor, with extended inspection campaigns that include most of the regions of Luxor Governorate (Bandar Luxor and its suburbs and the center and city of Armant and its suburbs and the center and city of Esna) with the aim of passing through public pharmacies and supplies stores The work of that campaign has resulted in seizing quantities of expired medical supplies and medicines, and a number of 8 police records have been edited for presentation to the Public Prosecution to take the necessary action, and this comes within the framework of the Directorate of Health Affairs and all of the preservation agencies to control any Fat from merchants and pharmacists that would exploit the current conditions in the country and manipulate the prices of medical supplies, and these campaigns resulted in the seizure of 6000 medical guards, 500 medical masks and 214 bottles of alcohol of unknown origin and without bills, for the purpose of storing and manipulating prices, and immediately the quantities were seized and the police report numbered 3670 And 3669 misdemeanors of Bandar Luxor misdemeanor to be presented to the Public Prosecution, which undertook the investigation.


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