Seine-Saint-Denis: he braves confinement and ends up in court for “endangering the lives of others”

A first case for “endangering the lives of others” in the context of containment measures linked to the coronavirus was dealt with this Monday, in immediate appearance, at the Bobigny judicial court.

But the file was finally returned at the end of June, and the defendant was placed under judicial supervision with a ban on appearing in the department of Seine-Saint-Denis.

True Recalcitrants

He was one of the real recalcitrants, of those who walk around without being able to produce a certificate in five specific situations or take the air for fallacious reasons. These can now fall into the misdemeanor box.

After three iterations, they will no longer be fined 135 euros, but will be able to go into police custody with a correctional appearance in stride.

It was one of the recommendations made by the public prosecutor of Bobigny and the direction of the local security of the police of the Parisian agglomeration (DSPAP).

About forty guards

But the offense proved difficult to characterize. To establish the endangerment of the life of others, the facts must take place in the presence of a third party, and there must be intentionality. This is what the facts tend to show.

Since last week, “there have been around forty police custody for these facts, but some of them have given a classification without follow-up”, indicates the Bobigny prosecution.

A reflection is initiated at the national level to create a specific offence. The National Assembly adopted this Saturday an amendment to transform the fixed fine of 135 euros into an offence. It could then lead to heavier financial penalties as well as imprisonment.

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