Seibu Taira wants to go to majors “I want to go in the future” Already under contract with talented agent Boras | Full Count

In the second contract renewal negotiation, he was accepted to start next season and signed.

Seibu pitcher Kaiba Taira has revealed his desire to move to the major leagues in the future. On the 4th, the second contract negotiation was held at the team office in Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture, and the contract was renewed after being allowed to switch to the starting lineup from next season. At the following press conference, he said, “I want to go in the future,” about moving to the major leagues.

Taira is said not to have become a topic of discussion during the negotiations this time, saying he has not discussed the details, but Taira signed a contract with Scott Boras, a talented American agent, last summer.

For three years since 2020, Taira has served primarily as a set-upper and this season won the title of first-best intermediate in the Pacific League. However, 2’s first contract negotiations broke down, requesting a change of starting lineup from next season. In today’s second negotiation, the team informed the team of the starting lineup for next season, and the contract was renewed with an annual salary of 170 million yen (estimated amount), an increase of 70 million yen compared to this season.

(Hirohisa Miyawaki)

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