Seeking to Resume Service Inside Restaurants in New York City | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

related or peoplehave a travel backgroundRecentwe tell you that afterreport an improvement incases of hospitalizations forcoronavirus in the state ofnew york, the governorAndrew Cuomo, said he wasstudying liftrestrictions forrestaurants. from manhattanhe explains to us what we could dowait.reporter: greetings, mayorconfirmed that it favorsresume food servicesinside therestaurants. favors thedecision for the benefit ofbusiness but understand that thisIt is based on science.the mayor’s reaction is inresponse to lawsuits againstthe state governor bypart of a business series,there is talk of considering theoperation of theestablishments 25 perpercent of the capacity and with theclosing at 10:00 at night.interest in salesrepresents the interest of theeconomic recovery.the announcement by theMayor and Andrew himselfcuomo, understand that this

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