See you soon! First actress Josefina Echánove dies at 93

The death of the actress and journalist is added to the list of losses of this 2020 Josefina Echánove, a woman who began her career in the 70s. Through a statement released by her communication office, the sensitive death was announced.

Echánove began his career in Guanajuato, Where he settled with his family from a young age, he began his career on stage in the hors d’oeuvres of the Cervantino Festival of the City of Guanajuato. Thus began his search to venture into entertainment.

So far the reasons for the death of the leading actress are unknown Josefina EchánoveHowever, her daughter María del Sol shared a brief message on her social networks where she confirmed the death of her mother a few hours ago.

These were some of the participation of the actress

The actress was the mother of the first actor Alonso Echánove, the journalist Peggy Echánove and the singer María del Sol. In her life, she participated in almost 20 soap operas, among which her role as Elvia San Germán in the popular Televisa production stands out, “Cradle of wolves.”

TODAY, Doña Josefina Echánove… The Queen Mother… Rest ”, expressed the singer on her Twitter account, where she received hundreds of comments of encouragement from her followers, who recognized her career and contribution to the entertainment industry in Mexico.

In cinema, his career began in 1975 with the short film “Laberinto”, later he participated in “Balún Canán” in 1977, “We have all sinned”, “Marta”, “Santitos”, “The other conquest”, “Perdita Durango” , “La Pura” and “Serpentes y escaladores were the films in which he participated in the last 30 years.

I am deeply sorry, my dear Maria. A very strong hug from here. Rest in peace your beautiful mommy ”,“ I hug you strong strong from a distance dear Maria! Your mommy was EXTRAORDINARY! Thus “,” I’m very sorry and I hug you from a distance, “expressed his closest friends.

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