see which is the newest Dacia alternative, at the same price

The Volkswagen Group is preparing to launch three electric models that will compete on the same market segment with Dacia.

In another article we talked about the fact that Dacia managed to position itself as an important “player” on the European market, especially in the central-southern European segment. Here, Dacia is caught in a close fight with the Czech brand, Skoda.

I referred to that article because the Czechs together with the Spaniards from SEAT, who are part of the Volkswagen group, are preparing to launch three new models that will compete with Dacia Spring.

These models will be built in the group’s Spanish plant, and although they have not been officially announced, their names will be Skoda Elroq, VW ID.1 and SEAT Acandra.

The German group, on the other hand, will not return to the class A segment but will attack the B segment. This comes against the background of market studies that have revealed that most people expect a spacious and affordable electric model. Following these findings, the Germans will abandon the small cars in the first segment, which have become totally unprofitable, to focus on a range of electric cars similar in size to older models of Polo, Fabia and Ibiza, with the amendment that there will be crossover.

Launch year

These models will be built on the MEB platform and produced at the SEAT plant in Spain, with the support of the Spanish state. The biggest challenge for Volkswagen will be to be able to offer an affordable price for the three models, so that it can compete with Dacia, in this case with Dacia Spring. It seems that the target that the group has set itself is for the basic model to cost less than EUR 20,000. To reach this target, Skoda, the project leader, needs to find a battery supplier at an acceptable price, as well as be able to simplify construction technology and upgrade the MEB platform.

The launch year is scheduled for 2024, while the market entry will be in 2025. Until then, Dacia is obliged to use the advantage of already having a model on the market and to succeed in determining even more customers to choose the model. or.


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