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academic vs Sport Boys LIVE They will measure forces this Saturday, August 1 at 9:00 am (Peruvian time) in a friendly prior to the restart of the League 1. Angel Comizzo and Marcelo Vivas they would use their eleventh title to get the expected shoot.

Universitario vs Sport Boys LIVE Minute by Minute

Last friendly match of both teams prior to the restart of League 1. Universitario vs Sport Boys


57 ‘GOOOOOOL from SPORT BOYS. Sebastián Penco finds the discount

55 ‘Boys are in danger with Piero Ratto, but Aamet Calderrón responds well

45 ‘Roll the ball. College 2-0 Sport Boys

For this second half, Universitario changes its starting eleven: Calderón, D. Chávez, Aragón, Valverde, A. Chávez, Zevallos, Guarderas, De la Cruz, L. Chávez, Cabanillas and Maguiña.


45 ‘End of the first half. Universitario wins Sport Boys 2-0 thanks to goals from Quina and Hohberg

37 ‘GOOOOLAZO de Universitario. Alejandro Hohberg scores 2-0 with a superb free kick

35 ‘In the restart of League 1, Universitario will face Cantolao and Sport Boys against Cristal

30 ‘University continues to win with Quina’s solitary goal

23 ‘Dos Santos, Millán, Morales and Guarderas were not considered by the technical command for today’s friendly against Boys

18 ‘Ivan Santillán tries to surprise the pink goalkeeper with a saved shot

8 ‘Without Jonathan Dos Santos, Comizzo opted for Urruti, De la Cruz and Succar

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2 ‘GOOOOOOOOOL from Quina! University student already wins the match

– Start the game at Playa San Agustín

Academic: Carvallo, Corzo, Alonso, Quina, Santillán, Barreto, Alfageme, Hohberg, Urruti, De la Cruz and Succar.

After University vs. Sport Boys

The match, which will take place at the southern headquarters of the San Agustín school, will serve for both squads as they emerge from the inactivity that forced the pandemic of the coronavirus. The creams will debut on Friday the 7th against Cantolao, while the rosé ones will do the same on Saturday the 8th Sporting Cristal.

“The idea is to do two 45-minute halves doing a mix. There they are not going to see the starting team, because there is a mix. This I clarify because if they are enthusiastic because we won, this may not be the starting team, and if we lose it will not be either a bad thing, but you are trying, “exclaimed Marcelo Vivas, coach of Sport Boys.

Contrary to what the strategist of the Buenos Aires team pointed out, Ángel Comizzo would use the friendly match to prove to his possible eleventh that he would face the Cantolao Academy. The ‘Indio’ wants to give cream fans a victory on the club’s anniversary.

What would be eleven? José Carvallo in goal. The defense would be made up of Aldo Corzo, Federico Alonso, Nelinho Quina and Iván Santillán, players who were regulars in Gregorio Pérez and will now be regulars for the Argentine coach.

In the midfield a great novelty. Armando Alfageme will continue to be the net midfielder, while Gerson Barreto enters eleven to be in charge of developing a mixed function. It will have the company of Donald Millán. On offense, Alejandro Hohberg, Alberto Quintero and Alexander Succar, form the trident that invites to dream.

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University vs Sport Boys | Probable alignments

Academic: Carvallo; Corzo, Alonso, Quina, Santillán, Alfageme, Barreto, Millán; Hohberg, Quintero and Succar.

DT: Ángel Comizzo.

Sport Boys: Medina; Tejada, De la Haza, Riojas, Ortiz; Torrejón, Oncoy, Ramírez, Villagra, Huguenet and Chávez.

DT: Marcelo Vivas.

University vs Sport Boys | Transmission schedules

Peru 9:00 a.m.

Argentina 11:00 am

Chile 11:00 am

Brazil 11:00 hours

Paraguay 11:00 am

Bolivia 10:00 am

Ecuador 9:00 a.m.

Venezuela 10:00 am

Uruguay 11:00 am

Colombia 9:00 a.m.

Spain 4:00 p.m.

Italy 4:00 p.m.

Germany 4:00 p.m.

UK 16:00

Portugal 16:00 hours

Sweden 4:00 p.m.

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