See How to Register Batch 5 Pre-Employment Cards – Program Pre-employment Card still provides opportunities for Indonesians who wish to register.

The government this afternoon, Saturday (15/8/2020) starting at 12.00 WIB, opens Card registration Pre-work wave 5.

“Until now it is still on schedule, opened at 12.00 WIB, today. Registration rules are the same as in batch 4,” said Head of Communication for the Implementing Management of the Pre-Work Card Program, Louisa Tuhatu, to, Saturday (15/8/2020) .

Similar to batch 4, the quota for batch 5 of pre-employment cards is 800,000 people.

Then, what are the rules and how to register Pre-employment Wave 5?

Unlike waves 3 and before, waves 4 and 5 have 2 registration methods, namely online and offline.

Online, batch 5 Pre-employment Card applicants can directly access the page


Screenshot of web

Meanwhile, offline, the public can register through the Ministry of Manpower or local governments, especially the Manpower Office.

Applicants must come to the agency to register. Later, the collected data will be forwarded to the PMO (executive management) Pre-Work Card.

Communities can register batch 5 pre-employment cards individually or collectively.

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