Sedentary Lifestyle: Risks, Solutions, and Prevention from Sequis Senior Manager

CANTIKA.COM, Jakarta – An increasingly modern lifestyle supported by various conveniences from increasingly advanced technology in all aspects of life has provided many conveniences. Unfortunately, the sophistication to facilitate this activity causes many people to tend to be lazy (lazy to move) and rarely do physical activity. Such a lifestyle is known as the sedentary lifestyle phenomenon.

Sedentary lifestyle means all kinds of activities outside of bedtime with very little caloric output characteristics. People with sitting or lying down behaviors such as working at a computer, reading, playing games, and watching TV for less than 2 hours fall into the low category. If the habit is carried out for 2-5 hours, then it is included in the medium category, and people who rarely move for more than 5 hours are included in the high sedentary lifestyle category.

A sedentary lifestyle often occurs among office workers who almost every day sit indoors for 8 to 10 hours per day with monotonous activities only in front of the computer and occasional meetings in meeting rooms. At lunchtime, stay indoors so you don’t exert yourself much and walk less. Snacking and drinking coffee or modern drinks are often complementary to work. These habits are certainly at risk of entering a high sedentary level.

Sequis Senior Manager Medical Underwriter Doctor Fridolin Seto Pandu recommends that modern society reduce the habit of sedentary lifestyle by combating laziness to move and increasing self-motivation to do more physical activity.

“Use the rest of your lunch time to do light activities, like walking. Then at work, avoid sitting positions that can cause back and neck pain. In ideal conditions when sitting, try to keep your posture upright. The position of the feet is also important to note, make it a habit to always have your feet on the floor so that the circulation of blood flows more smoothly. Do about 5-10 minutes of body stretching in between work times. It is very good if you exercise at least 3-4 times a week for 30-40 minutes so that the body stays fit,” said Fridolin in a press statement received by Tempo on June 10, 2023.

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There are potential health risks arising from a sedentary lifestyle, such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease. These diseases are dangerous for the body. Apart from suggesting physical activity, Fridolin also recommends that office workers carry out regular health checks to prevent illness early on.

Health checks that can be carried out include hypertension checks to prevent stroke, Pap smear checks to prevent cervical cancer, and MCU (medical check-up) as a comprehensive examination to determine the potential for critical illness in the body. Early examination is a preventive step because there are several critical illnesses that can be detected at an early stage. Thus there is still a chance for a higher life expectancy.

As another solution to the potential for critical illness due to a sedentary lifestyle so as not to disrupt financial conditions. “Sequis always encourages people to have health insurance and critical illness insurance as a financial safety net so that when exposed to the risk of illness the financial condition is maintained because the insurance company will cover medical expenses according to the benefits of the policy,” said Fridolin.

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