Security forces: Arrest of 4 people who form a gang to steal and dismantle old cars in Tripoli

The Directorate General of the Internal Security Forces – Public Relations Division issued the following statement: “Recently there have been several thefts of old Mercedes cars in and around the city of Tripoli.
As a result, the patrols of the Northern Exploration Detachment in the Regional Gendarmerie Unit intensified their procedures in the places where these operations took place. As a result of the inquiries and investigations carried out, information was available on each of the Lebanese:
pc (born 2002)
SF (b. 1993)
SF (Born in 1993) and are twin brothers.
An elaborate ambush was staged on the 6th of this year which led to their arrests simultaneously in Al-Minya locality and different places. A stolen Mercedes 300 was also seized from the former, and after an interrogation with them (AJ ) confessed to having stolen, together with the second and third, some cars. In collaboration with (MH, born in 1973, Lebanese), also arrested, he dismantled some and sold to ironworks and hotbeds, knowing that the two brothers denied to have done it.
The detainees deposited the piece in question to carry out the legal obligations towards them, on the indication of the court.

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