Security Council: you can’t open a can of enforcers | Inland

According to Rutte, municipalities are given “extra hands” with the money to check whether visitors have a corona pass. But according to Bruls, money is of little use: “Even if they make a billion euros available, we will still not succeed in hiring the desired new number of enforcers. You need people who are well educated, and you have to find them in a tight labor market. Maybe something can be arranged with security personnel in the beginning. But we are still in further contact with Minister Grapperhaus.”

Bruls emphasizes that enforcers will not continuously check at playhouses, theaters and in the catering industry. “We will pay particular attention to excesses, and not every individual visitor will be checked whether he or she has a corona pass.”

There is also plenty of other work, he says. “But that was already the situation. It was also not checked everywhere whether people kept one and a half meters away. It is not our priority, at some point it is also up to society itself to abide by the rules.”


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