Security Council calls for a total ban on fireworks during New Year | NOW

The Security Council is calling for a ban on lighting and selling fireworks prior to the upcoming turn of the year. Hubert Bruls, chairman of the Security Council, said this on Monday evening after the meeting between the mayors.

Earlier, various parties from the medical field, among others, expressed the wish for a fireworks ban. In this way, the number of victims of fireworks during the turn of the year could be reduced, which would ease the pressure on care.

“We support that call specifically for this year”, says Bruls. “There are a number of good medical arguments for this. GPs and hospitals then have less care for patients, whereas they are already busy with people who have come into contact with corona.”

According to Bruls, at the beginning of this year, a majority of the mayors in the Security Council were in favor of a “far-reaching restriction on the setting off of fireworks”. They now also add the wish to ban the sale of fireworks for a year.

“In any case, there are municipalities that are going to ban the lighting of fireworks. We now say: by prohibiting the lighting and selling you provide the most clarity,” said Bruls.

The ban on fireworks sales is up to the cabinet

The mayors cannot do more than express their wish for a sales ban. The decision to ban fireworks sales is ultimately up to the cabinet. Municipalities can, however, prohibit fireworks.

Bruls does not care about reactions from people who emphasize the pleasure of fireworks. “We are in the worst crisis since World War II. We all need to step back in the things we normally really enjoy.”



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