Security. Commit to the service of others

In the entrance of the Rosa-Parks polyvalent school in Thionville, it was the excitement this Friday morning. Behind this commotion: the Security Meetings , a series of actions to raise awareness of security professions organized throughout France. In Moselle, if other meetings took place from October 7 to 10, the prefecture decided that the high point of these meetings would be for the Lycée Thionvillois. “The students of the establishment represent our nation of tomorrow”, assures Laurence Perquin Claren, director of this establishment welcoming 1,700 high school students in general, technological and professional fields.

Throughout the day, the students had the opportunity to interact with real professionals, whether they are police officers, firefighters, gendarmes, soldiers, rescuers or even members of Road Safety and discover their daily life. The stated aim of the operation is to be able to arouse vocations.

Jobs to live

Thus, ski goggles with a cloudy visor on his head, a pupil discovers the effects of alcohol while trying to find his way in a labyrinth drawn on a sheet of paper. A little further on, a young woman discovers some of the ropes of forensic science while her comrade questions the police officer in front of her: “Have you ever seen a murder? “. A mannequin on the ground awaits the cardiac massage of the members of the Red Cross while a gendarme follows the explanations of a student to draw a robot portrait.

Outside, the firefighters pull out all the stops by carrying out an extrication exercise. “It’s really stuff that we are not used to seeing,” exclaims Paul in front of the show. In hand, he has some informative leaflets on police professions, and the means to access them. Abdelkader, for his part, admits that he is not seduced by the careers that are presented to him, “but it’s good to discover them. To know what it consists of. Floran, meanwhile, is more enthusiastic: “Seeing these people working is really nice. Personally, it makes me want to become a firefighter, to save lives. ”

The General Public Safety Meetings will be held this Saturday throughout the day at the Géric de Thionville shopping center from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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