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With problems I open up my eyes. I moan softly. It’s hot in my bedroom. Nonetheless the chills run down my backbone.

Duncan is not next to me. I raise my ears. My family is nonetheless at residence, I listened to. Duncan performs the familiar early morning ritual with Noah downstairs. I hear them laughing collectively and I experience a pang. Since I started off chemotherapy, I will not take part any more. I no extended participate in anything at all. I am just lying here in bed – like a shadow of myself.


Chemotherapy selection two was even far more challenging for me than the to start with. For 10 extensive days I wandered via a dim tunnel, sick to the abdomen, sick to death. Yesterday the worst seemed to be around. But these days I sense even worse than ever. Every thing hurts. My muscle groups, my nails, my throat. And worst of all, I never make slime any longer. My mouth is dry and complete of wounds. My correct knowledge tooth is throbbing and rattling.

“Dunc,” I yell. I have a decent voice by birth – I am regarded for it by good friends and family. But now I glimpse like Rose, in the remaining scene of Titanic.

After what appears to be like an eternity, Duncan hears me. Anxious, he places his hand on my head.

“You have a fever. Dr. K. stated you must connect with then,” he states.

“It can be not that poor.”

I really don’t want to be a poser, I do not want to unnecessarily disturb physicians and nurses. But when I acquire my temperature and evaluate 40 levels, I simply call the standard clinic number. I am set in touch with a great person – just finished his evening change – who is really comfortable.

“I’ll set your report in the technique. Simply call back again at 9 for security. Then the proper folks came right here ”.

Reassured, I drop into a deep feverish snooze. Well, immediately after nine I wake up in a soaking moist bed. I want to sit up straight, but I can’t. I select up the mobile phone: fifteen missed phone calls. From my mother, from Duncan, from the healthcare facility.

I phone the VUmc and am immediately contacted by my oncologist, Dr. K.

“Last but not least,” he suggests. “You have to come here now.”

obtaining out of bed? Unattainable.

“It is needed?” I request sleepily.

“Indeed Marita!” states Dr. K. sternly.

“Especially this week the blood values ​​are very low and the fever is perilous. Didn’t I tell you to simply call the emergency selection appropriate away if you have a fever? “

A unique emergency amount? I dig into my memory. And for a moment I truly feel like the selfless high college scholar who has often missed significant bulletins.


I stumble in the hospital on Duncan’s arm. We entice interest. I am ashen, I can scarcely wander and I wear a cap on my shaved head.

I might instead vanish.

I consider my room and to my delight Duncan, contrary to chemotherapy, can continue to be with me. He asks a nurse for added blankets and cleverly tucks me up. Then he sits subsequent to my bed with a nervous expression – my hand in his.

“So this nightmare will never end?” he mumbles.

I consider to smile reassuringly, but I are not able to. My dry lips adhere to my tooth.

“It can be all right,” I say softly, and not very convincingly.

Duncan nods. He kisses my cheek, urgent his brow versus mine.

“As soon as the cure is concluded, we will go on holiday vacation for 6 weeks,” he suggests.

“In Cape City or Bali. Swimming in the sea, taking in no matter what we want… ”Duncan continues.

I close my eyes. Look at for me Noah, Duncan and me running alongside the seaside. In my fantasy I have some hair once again – hair that represents the resurrection.

Then I think about our last rather demanding journey.

“But Noah hates sand, he hates h2o,” I say.

“Yes Now. But not any more.”

Yes. Set. We snicker.

Weak patient

My blood rely is alarming and dozens of checks will stick to. Hours go by. But practically nothing specific is discovered. My inflamed wisdom tooth could be the ogre. I have to choose antibiotics – a major training course – and with that tooth at the dentist.

Medical doctor K. enters.

“Marith, you worried me. You will have to act promptly if a thing is erroneous. An an infection is risky in your predicament. Chemotherapy is meant to preserve your daily life. And not that it kills you, “she states.

I swallow. And then I promise to make my existence greater. I should recognize that I am a weak patient – to act accordingly. With a trembling finger, I help save the crisis number in the cell phone, silently hoping in no way to have to use it.

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