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Ye Xuan, the “Queen of Topic” who always speaks and deeds, was bullied by her predecessor Yuan Qiongdan when she was a newcomer in the mainland show “Hot Mom Academy”. It was not until many years later that Ye Xuan understood the reason for Xia Zhong and became a nourishment for her later acting.

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Bullied by seniors

Xuan Ye said in the program: “I lived with Myolie Hu when I was filming “Up to the Clouds.” She asked me if I was bullied by any senior when I entered the industry. I replied that there was one. She said that I also had one, and then we named them at the same time. That’s Yuan Qiongdan, Sister Pomegranate. The two people talked about how bad she was, and bullying us was very harsh on us, asking us to act again and again.

Myolie Wu is Ye Xuan’s good old sister. (Weibo picture)

Later, Xuan Ye understood Yuan Qiongdan’s painstaking efforts: “But more than ten years later, when I (can) act on my own, I specially invited Yuan Qiongdan to play the leading role in “The Romance of the Purple Hairpin”. Because I later understood that there was no such thing as her. Strict, I won’t grow up. For the first time in “Feng Shen Bang”, she played my grandmother. When I was a child, she thought that others were bullying herself, so she deleted the part and pulled you to act again and again. Actually, she didn’t have enough level.”

Now in Ye Xuan’s mind, Yuan Qiongdan is a noble person on the road of acting: “We will also encounter such a situation now. If the acting is poor, then I think it’s wrong for me to teach her. There will be such a situation. Depending on her own good fortune, she will become The female one will understand, like I am very grateful to Yuan Qiongdan later.”

[Topic Queen]Ye Xuan’s words and deeds open live broadcast frequently broke the news that old partner Gu Tianle + former sister Hu Myolie was implicated

Become a topic queen

Ye Xuan, the main development player in the Mainland, has secretly exploded the secrets of many entertainers. For example, my good old sister Myolie Hu was once a fan of Edison Chen, and the Chinese zodiac war was stubbornly praised by fans, and even hinted that there was a king of heavenly figure around him who had been in prison after he had changed his previous wrongs, suspected of dragging Gu Tianle’s innocence into the water, arousing netizens’ resentment.

Ye Xuan, the main force developing in the Mainland. (Weibo picture)

A live audience of the show broke the news on the Internet that Xuan Ye and He Jie wanted to choose the goods for live promotion. The two women happened to choose the same item and were unwilling to give in. So they started a dispute and argued to a point. Xuan Ye couldn’t help but ask He Jie. He Jie retaliated with a punch, and the two women fought up on the spot. Finally, the staff had to come forward to mediate.

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