Secretary of the Treasury Does Not Mention $ 1,200 Incentive When Talking About Negotiations With Democrats

The Secretary of the United States Department of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, assured that the Democrats do not want to negotiate to reach a final agreement on what would be the new economic stimulus package for the coronavirus.

“Earlier today, President Pelosi and I spoke on the phone. Your statement is not an accurate reflection of our conversation. She made it clear that she was not willing to meet to continue negotiations unless we agreed in advance to her proposal, which costs at least $ 2 trillion, “Mnuchin said in a written statement about her conversation with Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi.

In addition, the Secretary of the Treasury explained the administration of President Donald Trump is willing to give way to legislation that will add more funds for the emergency of the coronavirus.

Given the paralysis of the negotiations, last weekend the president signed an order and several memoranda to grant $ 400 a week of supplementary unemployment assistance.

However, the aid is one less generous than the previous $ 600 a week that expired in July, and states will have to contribute 25% of that money for the unemployed.

Mnuchin does not mention the $ 1,200

“The Administration is willing to move forward with legislation that allows for substantial funding for schools, child care, food, vaccines, hospitals, PPP for small businesses, rental assistance, broadband, airports, state and local government assistance and liability protection. for universities, schools and companies, “said Mnuchin.

However, in his statement he did not mention the checks to individuals for $ 1,200, an aspect of the package that has generated expectation among citizens.

“The Democrats have no interest in negotiating,” added the Secretary of the Treasury in his written statement on the roadblock that the House and Senate have maintained for weeks.

For her part, Pelosi said in a statement: “Democrats have pledged. We have repeatedly made it clear to Trump’s administrator that we are willing to drop $ 1 trillion if they raise $ 1 trillion. However, it is clear that the Administration still does not understand the magnitude of the problems facing American families “

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