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I can assure outsiders that there are extremely smart and busy people working (…)
It only gets a little complicated when (…)
Which doesn’t help that either (…)
What many people (…) don’t realize that (…)
It becomes more and more difficult when (…)

Smart, busy people who have come up with a holiday terminology like “possession day” for their practices? Or do you just mean extremely smart and busy programmers? Why can’t you really come to explain that it makes perfect sense what kind of mess has leaked to the Tax and Customs Administration over the last few decades. Can you have a good team of programmers? it has to lack a whole range of people from different disciplines to end up with such a mess.

Illegal blacklists used by many systems for a variety of purposes with nowhere documenting when someone should be on such a list. Illegal discriminatory algorithms. packing day. Self-loan assistance problem, benefits deal, unable to deal with injustice, people fleeing the Netherlands or driven to suicide, and then corrupt employees can go about their business, knowing that their activities are not recorded. But if we want to lower the VAT on fruit, is in shape says the taxman once “born”.

We have a tax in the Netherlandssystemand a feeuse. There are criticisms Both of them, not just the first. One of the problems is that the tax and customs administration always relies on the tax system to project its incompetence onto the legislator. But he can also say no once in a while. Instead of “0% VAT on healthy products? No, it’s not possible” can say for example: “Discriminatory algorithms? No, you can’t.”

Our ministers are truly appallingly incompetent, baby “I wouldn’t know how to heat a house with a nuclear power plant”. We know that and it’s no surprise. Then you really need a little more guidance from the services themselves. If Rijkswaterstaat were to proceed as the tax and customs administration did, the storm surge barrier could only be closed 7 years after the predicted storm and the Netherlands would be under water for 20 years.

The Tax and Customs Administration has no scruples – as if it were playing a kind of God Game – dominant, inexorable and ruthlessly harmful citizens. But towards the legislator there is the tax and customs administration full beta version a doormat completely devoid of rationality in accepting and executing orders. It takes effort not to have one Godwin do of. Simply following orders is often No valid defense.

I apologize in advance. I don’t mean this personally. As a person who lives closely with what the Revenue and Customs Administration does, however, such a reaction that smacks a bit of non culpa from him leaves me with the wrong throat.

But to conclude constructively, I think that the Tax and Customs Administration would work better in a system where the legislator is only allowed to submit to the Tax and Customs Administration a package of weighted requests at a set time once every two or four years. If the BD finds misstatements or problems, the assignment rolls back, and there’s another chance to make a proper claim in two years. It will take the legislature some getting used to at first, but at some point it will be as logical as the first chamber.

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