Secret queues for third dose of K-19 vaccine in Sofia, 32-year-old tells how she got it

Meraklii to protect themselves from the coronavirus are lining up for the third dose in hospitals, reports “Telegraph”.

As the booster injection is not yet officially approved in Europe and in our country, people hide that they are immunized.
The number passes because nowhere is the data checked in advance in the system.

All that is required is to fill in the informed consent form. Only after the doctor tried to register the immunization as performed did he realize that the person in question already had two doses of vaccine.

However, the third cannot be officially recorded. However, there are already people who have put it on their own.

Among them is 32-year-old Gergana * from Sofia. “I read a lot of international publications on the subject and made a decision for myself. We throw away and donate vaccines because there are no people willing to do so, and at the same time people like me are not entitled to additional protection.

I have diabetes and after my colleague died of the virus, I decided I didn’t have to wait any longer. It was not pleasant for me to hide that I was vaccinated, as if I was committing a crime, but I believe that I did the best for myself, “says Gergana.

According to her, it is not the only such case. “I already know at least 5-6 people like me who have taken a third dose. For us, the document is not important. We do it with the conviction that this way we will have a higher percentage of protection “, says the young woman.

A number of countries around the world have already taken action to introduce an additional third dose. However, Bulgaria expects it to be recognized by the EU.

In Spain, for example, authorities have decided to give a booster injection to the residents of nursing homes.

Germany has authorized additional immunization for the elderly over 60 and the chronically ill, and Romania will start applying a third needle on September 28, to which all vaccinated people will be entitled more than 6 months ago.

In England, they even send invitations for a third dose. Immunized at least half a year ago have the right to such, as well as those in the priority groups – health and social workers, residents and employees of nursing homes, people over 50 and those with concomitant diseases, which put them at risk.

Overseas authorities recommend the third dose to be “Pfizer”, regardless of the previous two. In the meantime, this drug was officially approved as a boosting dose by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The vaccine is recommended to be given to people over 65 years of age and those at risk of severe disease. Official permission for the application of the third dose is also expected in Bulgaria.

This was stated by the director of the National Center for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases Prof. Iva Hristova. “This dose is given 8 months after the second and is made to boost immunity. It will be recommended for people with immune deficiency, for cancer patients, transplants, as well as for adults over 65, she told bTV. According to her, the introduction of the booster is expected very soon.


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