Secret codes, hidden characters… The ten craziest rumors that have circulated about games

How many hours have you wasted trying to find the Triforce in Zelda Ocarina Of Time ? Or even Mew in Pokémon and Luigi in Super Mario 64 ? West France offers you a selection of rumors and legends that have run about video games, each crazier than the next.

1. GTA : San Andreas et son Big Foot

The Big Foot, a sort of American Yeti, is one of the most famous urban legends across the Atlantic, and according to some rumors, we could meet it in a remote corner of… GTA : San Andreas It would be in the Back O’Beyond area, which is home to a huge forest, that the creature was rumored to be found at the time, but nothing has ever been proven. Rockstar Games has always denied the presence of the hairy monster in its game.

2. Tomb Raider and the naughty code

The players of Tomb Raider know: there is a code to make Lara Croft completely naked. Except that this rumor has always been false. If the smart kids had fun creating versions of the game with the heroine in its simplest device, such code never existed in the game. However, the publisher Eidos Interactive had the idea to add one when designing the game, but Toby Gard, its creator, refused.

3. Mew under a truck in Pokemon Blue and Red ? !

Everyone remembers their early hours on Pokémon, of his first creatures caught and the first evolutions. So when a rumor came up about a legendary and ultra-rare Pokemon hiding behind a truck, players went nuts. According to legend, you had to go to Carmin-Sur-Mer, let the liner go and move the famous truck with the Force ability. Mew must have been below, but obviously it was impossible to do anything with the vehicle. On the other hand, it was possible to obtain the Fabulous Pokémon by exploiting other loopholes.

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4. A collaboration between Sonic and Michael Jackson

If part of Sonic’s look was inspired by the album Bad by Michael Jackson, there has never been a collaboration between the franchise and the King of Pop. Yet a lingering rumor said that he composed the music for the Cap and Carnival Night areas of the game. Sonic 3. Rumors even went so far as to claim that he was unhappy with the collaboration and refused to have his name appear in the end credits. Sega has always denied.

5. The Triforce in Zelda Ocarina Of Time

The Triforce is the most important sacred object of the saga Zelda. A rare artifact that every player absolutely wants to get. But he’s not hiding in Ocarina Of Time. If the game is one of the most popular in the franchise, the Triforce is not present despite persistent rumors that it was necessary to multitask all four corners of Hyrule to be able to get your hands on the golden triangles. . Some videos were supposed to prove it, but they were all fake.

6. Sonic in Super Smash Bros. Melee ?

Super Smash Bros is an ultra-popular franchise at Nintendo, a fighting game series where many of the brand’s characters compete in multiple arenas straight out of iconic games. Rumor has it that Sonic and Tails could be unlocked in the episode Melee released for Nintendo GameCube, defeating 20 enemies in Cruel Mode. If the rumor was unfounded, the blue hedgehog has joined the stable Super Smash Bros. subsequently, with a first appearance in Brawl, on the Wii.

7. Super Mario 64 and Luigi

Ultra-popular game on the side of Mario fans, Super Mario 64 was also entitled to his urban legend: the one who claimed that Luigi could be unlocked to play the adventure with him. While Mario’s brother is beloved by gamers, he does not appear in the Nintendo 64 game, however. Still, the character does exist in the game’s source code, which leaked last July. The character should therefore have been added. Shigeru Miyamoto finally explained his disappearance from the game: “ due to memory issues we had to remove it. »

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8. Minecraft and his alternate hero

A secret character in Minecraft ? Creepy at will what is more? No. The protagonist of this game, which is among most popular of the last 10 years, is a man named Steve. Rumors have long evoked Herobin, a non-playable character who looks like two drops of water, but who has white eyes that give us chills. According to the rumors of the hallway, it would be a ghost responsible for the destruction of buildings and the theft of animals. No trace of Herobin was found in the source code of Minecraft.

9. All James Bond in GoldenEye 007

The game GoldenEye 007 Nintendo 64 is one of the most cult of the 90s. One of the rumors that circulated around the game was broadcast for the joke by the magazine Electronic Gaming Monthl which made the players believe in the existence of a code which made it possible to embody all the James Bond before Pierce Brosnan in the multiplayer mode. Fake screenshots at stake! The smart kids.

10. Aeris can be saved in Final Fantasy VII

When we talk about cult video games, we necessarily think of Final Fantasy VII. This is one of the greatest RPGs in video game history, which recently got a remake with graphics that stick to those of our time. It was about being able to save Aeris from the clutches of Sephiroth, the big bad of the game. The poor young woman is killed by this last during the main story. It would have been enough simply to make a succession of various and varied actions to arrive at an alternative outcome where Aeris was saved. But it was just rumors, unfortunately …

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