Seconds Lecturer Rat Girlfriend His Girlfriend to Death because the Application Was Rejected

BIMA, – That morning, Wednesday (5/8/2020) around 8:40 a.m. Wita, the victim initials I (24) had just returned from the market to buy her house needs.

Suddenly, I was intercepted by a US actor (31), a lecturer at a private campus at Milky who is his lover on Jalan Gunung Raja.

The perpetrators and victims had a conversation, and soon afterwards a quarrel ensued which led to the stabbing of the victim.

“The victim had just returned from the market, then stopped by the suspect, then chatted so that there was a tussle, then stabbed the victim,” said Bima Kota Police Chief Harya Tejo Wicaksono, when confirmed via telephone, Wednesday (5/8/2020) ).

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Hary said the stabbing occurred because the perpetrator was disappointed because the proposal was rejected by the victim’s parents.

“So, between the victim and the suspect there is a special relationship that has been dating, it has been a while, and then this suspect proposes to the victim, but the parents of the proposal victim are rejected,” Harya said.

When they were about to be taken to the hospital, the victim’s life could not be saved because the stab wound was quite severe, and died on the road.

The perpetrator was arrested

It did not take long, Wednesday at around 09.00 Wita, the Pima Kota Bima Police team succeeded in capturing the perpetrators who at that time crossed Jalan Soekarno Hatta.

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When arrested, the perpetrator did not move and admitted his actions.

The evidence that was secured was a knife thought to be used for stabbing, one ash jacket and one black bag.

For his actions, the perpetrators were subject to Article 338 of the Criminal Code with a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.

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