Second update with restart plus mode and more story details

The second free content update “Setting Sun Inn” is for Children of Morta released on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One. The patch introduces the restart plus mode (New Game Plus). Once the game has been played through, a new game can be played again in this mode with higher difficulty, higher upper limit for skill points of characters as well as upgrades from Ben’s workshop and Margaret’s laboratory. The players keep their unlocked characters, their progress in the skill tree, their resources as well as the upgrades from Ben’s workshop and the book from Rea.

In addition, the developers have expanded the background story with additional details. In addition to 20 other cutscenes and eight interactive house events that are intended to make the Bergson family’s household more lively, there are 26 character animations for the waiting state of a character in the house and 14 new family events or quests in the dungeons. Three new features are also available through the side quests. The new family-related quests are also available in the first game round.

Most recent video: Setting Sun Inn – New Game Free Update Official Trailer

The update schedule for Children of Morta. Currently at 2/7.

The update schedule for Children of Morta. Currently at 2/7.

It follows Change log by Dead Mage and 11 bit studios (caution: spoiler danger).

Restart plus mode added:

  • After completing the game, players can convert their savegame into an “NG +” savegame in the savegame menu
  • Storage locations for “Restart Plus” have a “+” symbol and a slightly different visual highlighting

In “NG +” mode, players can experience the Children of Morta story again from the beginning. Players lose:

  • Unlocked areas and dungeons.
  • All progress in the quest.
  • Keep players:
  • Unlocked characters.
  • Progress in characters’ skill trees.
  • All resources.
  • Upgrades from Ben’s workshop.
  • Book upgrades from Rea.
  • The following things also change:
  • Noticeable increase in the difficulty of the game.
  • Higher skill skill cap.
  • Higher ceiling for Ben’s workshop upgrade levels.
  • Higher cap on the upgrade levels of Rea’s book.

New savegame menu – The savegame menu now has setting options for savegames and a submenu for each savegame with new features:

  • Completed saves can be converted to restart plus saves
  • Copy and paste saves
  • Delete scores

20 new cutscenes added:

  • Mission update C1 (dungeon: cave 1)
  • Mission Update C2 (Dungeon: Cave 2)
  • Mission Update C3 (Dungeon: Cave 3)
  • Mission update W1 (dungeon: Wind 1)
  • Mission Update W2 (Dungeon: Wind 2)
  • Mission Update W3 (Dungeon: Wind 3)
  • Mission update M1 (Dungeon: Magma 1)
  • Mission Update M2 (Dungeon: Magma 2)
  • Margaret’s Staff (Home: Wind 2)
  • Night watch (Home: Magma 2)
  • The forest – all for one (beginning of the forest level)
  • Ben swears (Home: Wind 2)
  • Mary asks (Home: Wind 3)
  • The dry well 03 (Home: Magma 2)
  • Caught on the Net (Dungeon: Cave 1)
  • At the first threshold (dungeon: Cave 1)
  • Corpse Brood Event (Dungeon: Cave 1)
  • Margaret’s Investigation 1 (Dungeon: Cave 1)
  • Margaret’s Investigation 2 (Dungeon: Cave 2)
  • Margaret’s Investigation 3 (Dungeon: Cave 3)

8 new interactive house events added

  • Dried out pond (Magma 1)
  • Lucy sees Margaret on the tree (Magma 2)
  • John and Mary talk (Magma 1)
  • Entertaining the newborn (Magma 1)
  • Kevin takes care of his mother in the bedside (wind 3)
  • Family dinner, meal and prayer (Cave 3)
  • Mark learns (Cave 3)
  • Mark learns the truth (Wind 2)

Added 26 new character animations for your waiting states in the house:

  • Kevin swims in the pond
  • The magician stands on the veranda
  • The astrologer stands near the pond
  • Cat in the training area
  • Cat plays in the house
  • Cat on a rocking tree
  • Cat on porch
  • Margaret is reading a book
  • Margaret takes a nap
  • Joey chops wood
  • Joey does pull-ups
  • John smokes a pipe and looks at the aquarium
  • John smokes a pipe and looks at the painting in the hallway
  • John smokes a pipe on the porch
  • Mary reads a book
  • Hope is sleeping in front of the fireplace
  • Ben repairs the music box
  • Ben is on the porch and looks at the horizon
  • Ben takes a nap
  • Wolf is in the training room
  • Wolf sits on the cliff
  • Astrologer with cat
  • John and Ben are talking on the porch
  • Wolf and cat on the porch
  • Wolf and cat on the fountain
  • Wolf and cat on the tree of life

New family events added in dungeons:

  • Quests for family companions:
  • Wind: Save a family of the Baharut people
  • Magma: Save the workers
  • Magma: Help the stranger

Family quests:

  • Cave: Mary (after birth) helps refugees x3
  • Wind: Mary (after birth) helps refugees x3
  • Magma: Ben repairs robot x2
  • Magma: Ben repairs device x3

Added side quest properties:

  • Wolf Cubs: After completing the quest, Ryker (a Wolf Cubs) appears in front of the boss rooms and helps the Bergsons with a healing potion
  • Wise Men: After completing the Wise Men quest, the wise man will appear in the shop and help the Bergsons with a gem
  • Puppet maker: After saving all the mechanics, they will appear at the entrance to each area and help the Bergsons with a lucky charm

Balance changes:

  • The range and damage of Lucy’s Anger ability have been increased
  • Increased damage from Joey’s secondary attack
  • Player interactions with shrines and golden chests can now evade to make it more responsive
  • Rea Tree: Luck Upgrade has been toned down
  • Rea Tree: Divine Mastery upgrade has been toned down
  • Divine artist: Gold bonus 2x -> 2.5x
  • Swift Feet’s movement speed now also affects Unarmed
  • Greed for gems: maximum stack reduced from 20 to 15
  • Pulsating Sphere: Cooldown reduced from 30 to 20
  • Resistance Totem: Recoil rate increased
  • Death spiral: Damage reduction 1.5 -> 1st cooldown increased
  • Divine shield: damage reduction 1 -> 0.6. Cooldown increased
  • Rock skin: duration 10 -> 8

Further changes:

  • With the Mysterious Egg, the rot effect on a character can now be reset.
  • Many minor bug fixes and other small improvements in game balance to make the game play smoother.


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