Second supplier offers fixed energy contract, but not for everyone

Other energy suppliers are holding back the boat

After Luminus, Mega is now also offering an energy contract with fixed prices. All other suppliers continue to stick to variable contracts “because of the unstable prices”.

Werner Rommers

For the sake of clarity, the fixed-price contract, which Mega is offering from March, is reserved for customers who are already connected to Mega today.

“In a first phase, we offer 10,000 existing customers the opportunity to convert their variable contract to a contract with fixed prices. We are curious about the interest in this,” said Mega’s spokesperson.

According to the company, that permanent contract will be about 10 percent more expensive than a variable contract with Mega. “The advantage for the consumer with such a permanent contract is that he is sure of his price, should energy prices rise again later this year.” An increase that is then passed on in variable energy contracts.

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The fact that Mega will only offer a fixed rate to 10,000 of its own customers in a first phase has to do with the unstable energy prices of the past few months. As a result, the majority of energy suppliers today do not dare to offer permanent contracts. After all, they fear they will tear their pants if prices on the wholesale markets rise sharply again. By offering only a limited number of customers a permanent contract, Mega – which accounts for a market share of about 5 percent – ​​is already trying to protect itself against such a scenario. The company has about 600,000 contracts for gas and electricity on the Belgian market.

If you are not yet a Mega customer today, but are interested in such a permanent contract, you can switch to a variable contract with Mega if necessary. “After all, it cannot be ruled out that later this year we will give even more Mega customers the opportunity to switch to a permanent contract.

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