Second round of presidential elections in Slovenia

The second round of presidential elections is taking place in Slovenia today. According to the results of the first round, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia, Anže Logar, representative of the center-right Slovenian Democratic Party, was in the lead.

However, polls show that in the second round her opponent, a centre-left independent candidate, Natasha Pirc-Musar, is closer to winning. You represent the coalition of the Pirate Party and the Young Green Party. In the first round she obtained 26.9% of the votes against 34% for Mr. Logar. However, immediately after the first round, all participants in the presidential race who did not pass the second round of voting expressed their support.

According to the latest voter poll, published in the newspaper on Thursday Opera44.6% of voters are ready to vote for Mr. Logar, 51.7% – for Mrs. Pirc-Musar.

As many experts point out, the gap between the candidates is so large that Anze Logar will only be able to win if the poll data is catastrophically wrong or if the voter turnout is unusually low. Thus, Natasha Pirc-Musar could become the first woman to hold the presidency of Slovenia since its independence in 1991.

Ms. Pirc-Musar is a practicing attorney and has gained near-international fame representing former US First Lady Melania Trump on copyright and other matters in Slovenia.

Polling stations will close today at 19:00 CET (21:00 Moscow time). The first official election results will be known shortly after the polling stations close.

Lada Sidorova

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