“Second Place Secured: C’Chartres Basket Féminin Triumphs in Monaco in Ligue 2 Basketball”

The Chartraines did not expect a party of pleasure on the shores of the Mediterranean.
If, at first, they were able to take off (9-15, 4 ‘), until reaching a 14 length lead in the middle of the second quarter (27-41, 16’), little by little, the partners of the former Mainvilloise Fatoumata Diallo nibbled their delay (40-46 at halftime). Before erasing it at the end of the third quarter on a bonus basket from Effa Mfegue (57-55).

Gala Elenga

Led to the score at the start of the last act, Benoît Marty’s protégés drew on their resources. They gave a big boost, with Emma Peytour, author of ten points in a sequence where the Euréliennes passed a scathing 15-4 to their opponents from the Principality, to take a big breath of fresh air (61-72, 34 ‘).

Last trip for the Chartraines in Monaco

In a final, where the Monegasques nevertheless played their survival in Ligue 2, the partners of Sophia Elenga, MVP of the meeting with her 19 points (25 of evaluation), held firm and gave up very little ground to their hosts. Sovereign on the rebound (42 against 31), the Chartraines won 74 to 67, affirming their good dispositions outside (6th consecutive victory) and above all their status as number 1 rivals of the Charnaysian leader (winner of Feytiat 53-44 ).

On April 15, Chartres will approach the play-offs in a position of strength, and with the certainties garnered in 2023.

MONACO. C’Chartres BF beat Monaco 74 to 67 (half-time: 40-46) (quarter-time: 19-26, 21-20, 17-9, 10-19). Referees: Messrs. Es-Safi and Cros. 150 spectators.
Monaco : Demontoux (4), Touré (3), Dreano-Trecant (9), Mosengo-Masa (14), Chandler (8) then Marti (4), Berthuel (0), Laroche (8), Effa Mfegue (9), Wembanyama (8). 43% shooting success (25/57) including 36% at 3 pts (7/19). 66% at FL (10/15). 31 rebounds (Mosengo-Masa, 9). 14 fouls. Chartres :Elenga (19), Peytour (18), Married (3), Mahoutou (15), Enabosi (7), then Farcy (10), Niang (0), Bienvenu (0), Diarisso (2). 43% shooting success (31/71) including 27% at 3 pts (5/18). 53% at FL (7/13). 42 rebounds (Elenga, 10). 19 fouls. Gap: + 2 for Monaco (57-55, 30′); +14 for Chartres (17-31, 16′).

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David Berthelem

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